Closing Apps in Windows 8


Windows 8 LogoSince Windows 8 has come out the number one question I am always asked is "How do you close an app??????"


Microsoft wants to change the users Windows experience by having any open apps remain open until shutdown. Therefore, they have removed the file menu, close, minimize, and resize options in apps designed for Windows 8 and replaced them with the Windows 8 App commands. The App commands bar appears on the bottom portion of the screen when you swipe up or down from either edge or right-click in the app.


Although the App commands will give you additional options for the open app, it may still not give you the option to close the app. If you want to close the app follow any of the below suggestions.

  1. Move your mouse to the very top of the app, which should change the mouse cursor to a hand, then click-and-drag or swipe that app to the bottom of the screen. Once you let go of the app it will close.
  2. Move your mouse to the top-left corner of the screen and then move down to show all open apps, right-click the open app you want to close and choose Close.
  3. Press the Windows key + Tab to show open apps, right-click on the app you wish to close and click Close.
  4. Press Alt + F4 on the keyboard to close the app or any open program.