Get Started

So, you need a new website for your business and you've decided that you'd like to take the first few steps to see if Prodigal Services is right for you. Here's the next steps to take:


Step 1: Contact Us With Any Questions

You're familiar with the type of projects we take and the way we work.

You think Prodigal Services may be a good fit.  Get started by contacting us using the form below.


Step 2: See If Prodigal Is A Good Match

For lots of different reasons we may or may not be a good match for your particular project.  We'll have an email discussion about your needs to see if we're a good fit for what you want to do.  If we are, we'll move onto step 3.  If not, we'll try and point you to a developer we think can help you out.


Step 3: And Beyond...

Once we've determined Prodigal Services is a good fit, we'll setup a lengthly phone call or video conference to get some details nailed down,  establish a budget, and start getting a framework of the project.  We look forward to the possiblity of working on your project!  Take that first step with the form below...

Please tell us a little bit about you are beginning (i.e. why you are interested in Prodigal Services) so that we can get an idea of what you might be looking for.